Your real partner of the highest standard.

"Style is the only luxury what everybody can afford himself."
- Armani -



world citizen - with a Hungarian Passport

happy single without "baggages" ;)

university diploma

I`m currently based in Budapest/Hungary. 
And I am available worldwide from here upon personal invitation - all year round (incl. holidays), but I`m not a touring escort.

I have professional experience in a number of fields, including education, tourism and public relations. I also have knowledge of psychology, international law, diplomacy and assistance at any public events. I am a confident conversationalist, skilled entertainer and confident around refined men.

Important is to me not what we do, but how do we do it. And bad are those who think bad. ;)

3 "golden rules"
Enjoying freedom, make the most out of my time, and living in the most pleasant way is possible.

Nothing has to happen but anything can. Even this: Straight to Number One - Touch and Go :)

I have a gentle soul but I am fascinated with life and adventures. I`m enthusiastic and get easily excited by just about everything. I am a keen listener as well as have a thirst for knowledge. I am not generic nor am I conventional. I am confident but neither conceited nor arrogant
. I am a free spirited but fine and friendly courtesan. I have good manners and expect you to have the same. I`m known to be a reliable and honest person. I am also neat and well organized. I am being reflective, like a mirror.

I am interested in all that is good and nice in life ranging from traveling and cultural events (sight-seeing, excursions, museum, musical, classical or pop concerts, shows) through outdoor activities (beach life, yachting, wellness, hiking) up to entertainments (dining out, dancing, shopping, casino) and more...

Likes and dislikes
I LIKE Gentlemen of the "old school", gallantry, politeness, subtlety, forthrightness, honour, respect, positive attitude, optimism, brainy people, meaningful conversations, intelligence, philosophy, psychology, aphorisms, writing, Saint Exupery's Little Prince, Matrix, Mozart, Beethoven, art, opera, jazz, theater, castles, nature, mountains, safaris, summer, sea, islands, metropolis and it`s cosmopolitans, NYC, Africa, Cote d' Azur, seafood, sushi, gourmet cuisine, fireplace, swimming, sauna, massage, energies, laughing, innocence of children, compliments, charm, seeing the desire in your eyes, passion, seduction, sensuality, tenderness, pampering, Latin temperament, luxury, elegance, aestheticism, flowers,....
I DISLIKE narrow mindedness, negative attitude, misery, intrigue, mediocrity, hypocrisy, arrogance, vulgarity, brutality, abuse of power, pain, fanatics, addictions, manipulation, meaningless promises, deceit, exploitation, lies, people who judge and condemn without complete knowledge, snobbery, prudery, boredom, "golden cages", feminism, munching, bad hygiene, bad smell, bad breath, rap, candies, coffee, cooking, fat, sodas, sugar, smokers, pollution,...

I have brown eyes, soft brown hair and a petite figure. I have no fake body parts (neither tattoo, nor piercing) just my pure nature. And I am proud of my femininity. I may not be young anymore but that makes me so sexy. ;)
Measurements: 162cm/50kg (5'3/110lb) ; 80A/68cm/84cm (36A/26/36).

I can be modest or elegant & smart; conservative & discreet or sexy & provocative; casual & sporty - what ever is required. I feel comfortable in all.

Smoking and drinking habits
I'm a non smoker and only drink occasionally. I therefore welcome the same type of Gentlemen


I offer a comprehensive escort service as I can join you at any occasion and location in the world or host you in Budapest, Hungary. I provide a girlfriend type of companionship and as such, I can organize your free time, be handy at any business or social functions, assist in your activities, accompany you to different events and family gatherings, give relationship advices or life skills guidance. I cater to business people, who wish to have a great time after work, or to tourists who need personal assistance, guidance during their vacation. I look after unique people who need special attention, therefore loyality, discretion and integrity are my most important traits besides health. While most people can not understand why professionals - who have such a busy and stressful life - pay to alleviate their various urges, I am theirs helpful partner. According to Ayurveda, "Nothing can ameliorate
the man's performance more than a woman."

As a seductive and sensual woman I am perfect for that magical "girlfriend experience". I am that rare creature, a natural girlfriend type as it takes over my mind, soul and body. I consider escorting as a hobby with many great life experiences. I like having fun while making other people happy. Mutual satisfaction is paramount to me. Furthermore, I can also relax and rebuild your erotic energy with tantric massage. I enjoy the alternative lifestyles of naturism, nudism, hedonism, voyeurism, swinging, erotic photography and private home videos. I am open for everything that gives both of us pleasure and enjoyment. I'm also adventurous and like to try new things, so if you have a special request, please let me know it. But of course I also have my bounderies. And there is no need to discuss inappropriate explicit details.

Your unique personal companion.


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