Get a high quality full service.

"Women are made to be loved, not understood."
- Oscar Wilde -


"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." (Aldo Gucci)
Once we both have decided to meet and you have a concrete date in mind, I will advise you of my according fee. But if money is the main issue for you, then you should look elsewhere.
If you find the price of experiences too expensive, don't count on the price of ignorance. ;)


Booking requirements:
Provide your personal details (see on my Booking page)
* Inform me about your flight details or/and mine - if needed
* Give the confirmation of the hotel`s reservation
* Make the deposit payment

Advanced reservation:
My time is as precious to me as is yours. Please make your reservation well in advance in order to organize everything on time.

Our meeting:
* I offer a full service, there are no additional charges. How we spend our time together is only our business.
* I prefer longer dates which allow us to become better acquainted with each other, more personal and intimate.
Therefore I do not provide hourly services, that requires a different type of provider.
* Locally the minimum booking is a "Dinner or lunch date", elsewhere l require 2 days / 1 night while outside of Europe 4 days / 3 nights - for obvious reasons.

* Your donation is for my time and companionship.
Anything else that may happen is a matter of choice between consenting adults.
* Quality has a price but the memories are priceless and my fees reflect the quality you receive.
Bargaining is a lack of respect and understanding of the high standard I provide.
* A deposit is necessary (20% for all European and 30% for other destinations).
While the rest of the money is payable in cash at the beginning of our meeting - in any convertible currency based on the daily exchange rate to the Euro.
* Fees are the same for both national or international relations but each started day counts which also includes my traveling time.
* You are responsible for the cost of my transportation, which also needs to be arranged in advance.
* Of course, tips and gratuities are not expected but are very welcome if you would like to show your appreciation. ----> Wishlist

Cancellation policy:
* Telephone reconfirmation is required 24 hours prior to our appointment.
* Last minute emergencies
can occur, but be considerate and allow enough time to reschedule or cancel our date.
* Failure to cancel an appointment, providing false information or not showing up will result a charge of 50% of the agreed fee which will be sent to you. Under Hungarian law an agreement reached by phone or email is legally binding.
* If you cancel our meeting, the deposit is non-refundable.

Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance to me and you can be assured that no one will know about our date. I am here when you want, and being absent when not needed. I am discreet, and dress appropriately. I won't call you unless it is urgent, and after our date your records will be deleted.

Age requirement:
Age is not important, although my services are unlikely appeal to those aged under 30. I am best suited to Gentlemen who are mature enough to know how to treat a Lady, but still young enough to appreciate what I have to offer. As Pope John XXIII said: "Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age". ;)


Become my regular partner and you will receive a discount. :) Kindly note that my travel rates are already discounted because they are the same as my local fees, unlike most other escorts and agencies.

* Exclusive long term companionship for a discerning Gentleman (even on two different ways).
Full details are available personally. And I will be your unique girlfriend with all the pluses! :)

* Enjoy the heart warming snuggle and cuddle therapy by me. :)

* Have a special birthday - either yours or mine - with an absolutely fabulous téte-á-téte! Or provide my companionship as a surprise gift to somebody. ;)
If you can prove using a legal ID, that the birthday takes place during our date, will receive a 50% discount for that day, as my present! :)

* Marry me in Las Vegas, then can even get divorce right away there - if needed, or for your European Union's passport.. ;)

* Get into the party fever in the best clubs of Budapest, Ibiza, Miami Beach, Quebec City, Cabo San Lucas,

* Let's check out one of the exciting famous hotels like Shimba in Kenya, Lost City in South-Africa, Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Atlantis or anywhere else (Norway, Romania, Canada, Alaska) - as a cool hotel experience! :)

* Explore together Tuscany from the famous singer Sting's wonderful Estate of Il Palagio in Figline Valdarno.

* Take a romantic cruise on the legendary blue Danube, to the Norvegian fjords, Alaska, on the Med Sea, around the Caribbean islands, or... ----> 20% discount!

* Indulge yourself in the unique luxury travel experiences on the Orient Express or explore Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express trains! ----> 20% discount!

* Let`s celebrate your bachelor/stag party and make it a life-time experience.

* Let's have some unusually exciting dispendious adventures together! :)

* How about attending one of these superb concert, or any other other anywhere you like?

* Shall we enjoy together such a special upscale Eyes wide Shut castle events?

* Spend your well-deserved holiday with me in a paradise location of your choice.

* Take me to your favorite scuba diving site as your dive buddy....

* And what about some fun together on the slippery slopes?

* Special Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, or an exciting New Year`s Eve ----> 20% discount!

* Let us get enthralled by the New Year's concert in Vienna of it's Philharmonic Orchestra.

* Let's dance through any (or maybe all!) of the fabulously elegant Viennese balls in this winter or just the Vienna Opera Ball on February 28th/Thu! ---> 20% discount!

* Dip ourselves into the UNESCO's World Heritage Busojaras in Mohacs, Hungary during February 28/Thu -> March 5/Tue 2019.

* Get crazy in the world famous carnival of Brasil, of the classical Venezia, Cologne, Trinidad or where ever you wish! ----> 20% discount!

* Enjoy the performances of a Budapest Spring Festival (April 5th/Friday -> 22nd/Monday) together.

I am a classy female escort.


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